Seminář o týmovém koučování

Vážení kolegové a kolegyně, zveme vás na Seminář o týmovém koučování, povede Franz Meulmeester, náš kolega z Holandska.

Serminář proběhne v Praze 7. a 8. října 2022 - přihlásit se můžete již nyní prostřednictvím formuláře níže. 

Na seminář zveme kolegy, kteří se domluví anglicky a mají blízko ke Gestalt přístupu v práci i osobním životě.

Team coaching

When we work with teams or groups in organisations, we have to switch our focus from 'looking at the individuals' to 'looking at the team'. This means that we have our focus on another level.

As we know from Field theory, a group or team is more or different than the sum of the individuals. Therefore by just or mainly focusing on the individual team members, we might exactly miss what is happening on the level of the whole team.

During this workshop I like to present you and explore with you the field perspective on team coaching. How can we understand the behavior of individual team members as a representation or expression of the whole field.

We will look at aspects like facilitating group process, phenomena as the 'black sheep', conflicts and their possible function, communication levels and disqualifications.

The workshop will be a combination of theory, practicing with the group as an example of a team and exploring the experiences and cases of the participants.

Frans Meulmeester

I am working as a Gestalt trainer, therapist, coach, supervisor and consultant for more than 35 years. I am involved as a staff member of several Gestalt institutes, like the Bulgarian Gestalt Institute in Sofia, Bulgaria and the Gestalt Institute Nepal in Kathmandu, Nepal. Next to that I am a faculty member or guest trainer in many other Gestalt institutes in Europe, like e.g. The Relational Change Organisation in the UK, the IVGT in Prague etc.

As a coach/consultant, I have worked both in public services like healthcare and education and in the business world. 

I am a registered member of the EAGT as therapist, GPO and supervisor and as an European Certified Psychotherapist of the EAP.